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Welcome to Slightly Overpacked!

I am so excited to get this started and share all my amazing food and travel recs with you! This platform is something I have been thinking about for years, and I am so excited to finally pull the trigger. Slightly Overpacked is by me, for you. I created this community to find the best places in every corner of the world so you can make the best lifelong travel memories.



I am 25 and living in beautiful San Francisco! I was born and raised in San Diego and then went to San Luis Obispo for college. I also had the amazing opportunity to live in Barcelona for 5 months.


I am a very Type A person, so when it comes to travel, I do extensive research and planning before any trip. Knowing how well I document every detail, many friends & family have asked for all of my recs over the years, which is what has inspired this platform. Slightly Overpacked will help you plan the best trips, get insider tips, and budgetary advice all in one.


Aside from traveling, I love to try new restaurants, run, do yoga, horseback ride and hangout with friends! I try to incorporate all these things that I love into my travels. 

About Me:
My Travel Philosophy:

To inspire unique, budget-friendly and food-centric travel that will bring lifelong memories

I try to avoid large, touristy activities and instead seek out more local and unique opportunities in order to get more in touch with the culture of the place I am visiting. Food is at the center of all my travels, so finding amazing restaurants is always top of mind. I try to save money whenever possible and travel very budget friendly, but I am not afraid of a little splurge for things that are simply unique and amazing.


I will provide a mix of domestic and international recommendations. You will find travel recs for places near and far at many different budgets!

Slightly Overpacked Community:

Where does the name 'Slightly Overpacked' come from? I usually try to travel efficiently with a carry-on and a backpack, but there is more than meets the eye. Typically these two bags are extremely dense, packed to the brim with every last minute item I think I could possibly need. Us slightly overpacked travelers will always get the suitcase closed, but maybe not without having to sit on it first to get it closed. Sometimes you just need that one extra pair of shoes shoved in your backpack or that last minute dress...just in case.


This platform is created by me for you! If you take any of my recs, I would love to hear your feedback or other things you are looking for. I am always looking to learn about new places and want you to share your favorite places as well!


P.S thank you to all my amazing friends who have shared amazing travel recs with me in the past!

I look forward to building this community and giving you the best travel experiences!
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